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  • Updated webpage
    Updated webpages for Strype Audio:
  • New co-worker
    Strype Audio has a new co-worker: Martin Bowitz, with earlier merits like Kråkesølv and Kollwitz.


Audio engineering - Mastering
We are five engineers at Strype. Different personalities with one thing in common: we all contribute to the development of great music.

Mastering is the connection between music, mix and playback equipment. The mastering is crucial in how these components interact as the music meets the ears of the thousands of people you wish to reach. To make this happen you need technical insight and understanding of different genres, and last but not least: the will and ability to, from time to time, break the traditions and create something new.

In the studio:
Mixing small projects.

Outside the studio:
Recording of solos and small ensembles. Preferably not overdubs.
Concertmix of rock and chamber music ensembles. Preferably analog mixers.