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Tom Kvålsvoll

Born in 1972, grew up in Ålesund. Began audio engineering his own bands from 1990. Moved to Oslo in 1996. Started that year as a trainee at Strype Audio. From 1996 to 2008 Tom combined mastering and band participation (DHG, Nocturnal Breed, Paradigma and guest appearances). A newly fledged father, he now focuses primarily on mastering, stem-mastering and an occasional multitrack production.

Has wide experience with established genres, from any vein of popular music to more narrow niches. Enjoys crossing boundaries and discovering new music.

Fridtjof A. Lindeman

Born in 1976. Fridtjof lives in Moss, and has been a sound engineer since 1994. He has mixed and mastered music for bands and musicians from Norway and abroad, within most genres. He prefers yellow apples and black keys.


Christian Obermayer

Born in Oslo 1985. Started out as producer/rapper in the hiphop group UriasPost early 2000's. He gradually became a technician for other groups in the community. Associated with Strype Audio since 2005, after 3 years of musical education in highschool. Christian is mostly mastering rap/hiphop, electronica, jazz, compilations and acoustic stuff, and is usually the guy doing vinyl transfers. Christian has soldered all analogue cables and patches in the studio.


Martin Bowitz

Born: 1984, grew up in Bodø. Educated in audio engineering at Norsk Lydskole (NISS) 2006-2008 and the University of Oslo 2008-2009. Background from the DIY culture both through his time as a musician and co-producer in the punk/postrockband The Spectacle and from newer and often more poprelated productions like Kråkesølv, Kollwitz and Cold Mailman

Works in with recording, mixing, producing and mastering music.


Audun Strype

Born: 1959. Experienced, but ever curious about music, technology and other earthly activities. Fond of the sounds of the forest, and prefers to pass time far away from anything that uses fuel and has a noisy engine. Favorite weekend hifi: Tandberg system 20 with Tripath amplifier and solar panel.

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Member of AES, SLF and HEF
Musical motto: Listen to the grass grow, and you will be surprised.